ASRIC Committees

There are three Committees under the ASRIC Structure which are the Scientific and Innovation Committee; Communication Committee; and Resource Mobilization Committee. The four vice chairs of the Bureau are Co-Chairs or Chairs of these Committees.

Composition of the Committees

  •  The ASRIC Scientific and Innovation committee is co-chaired by the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs; Communication Committee is chaired by the 3rd Vice Chair; while the Resource Mobilization Committee is chaired by the 4th Vice Chair;
  •  Membership of the Committee is voluntary and the members express their interest during the Congress meeting where the final selection is to be made by the Chair in consultation with the ASRIC Bureau;
  •  Each Committee has no more than 12 Members;
  •  The Membership of the Committee can be reviewed upon request by the Committee Chair in consultation with the ASRIC Bureau;
  •  A member can withdraw his/her membership in writing to the Committee Chair;
  •  Committees are entitled to have ad-hoc sub-committees that is to study specific programmes, projects, or tasks; and to assist the Committees to attain to its function.

ASRIC Sub-Committees

The sub-committees are formed on ad-hoc bases and its number and composition is to be determined by the Committee concerned. The Sub-committees are directly linked to the committees and it forms a sub-set of the ASRIC Committees. The Sub-Committees is the think tank of the ASRIC and it is the implementing arm.

The Members of the ad-hoc sub-committees may be drawn from the Committees’ members or any other Africa pool of talent that is relevant to the study case.

Responsibilities of the Sub-Committees

  •  Advice the committee on the issues related to the committee areas of interest and intervention;
  •  Form clusters of implementation to implement ASRIC flagship programmes and projects;
  •  Mobilize technical and financial resources that is to support the ASRIC function and mandate; and
  •  Carry out any other assignments that is to be assign by the committees.

Sub-Committees Operationalization

The modalities for ASRIC Sub-Committees operationalization are developed by the concerned committee in the form of terms of reference explaining the mandate of the sub-committee; timeframe; expected output among others.